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*NEW* What kind of presentation are you looking for?

  • Because this conference format is new for us and we're all a little stir-crazy, we'd like you to be creative and have fun. If you want to present an academic treatise, please do. We would also welcome a puppet show, as long as it has a point that promotes discussion. 

I submitted last year and would like to submit again, but with some changes. What should I do?

  • We're so happy you're submitting again! To avoid confusion, we're asking everyone to submit their proposals again with changes or not. This way, we'll be sure each proposal has been reviewed.

My panel members have changed. Is that OK? What should I do?

  • Absolutely! Just make those changes in your proposal and go ahead and submit.

I didn't submit last year, but a fellow/former co-worker passed their proposal on to me and I want to present. What should I do?

  • That's great! We were hoping that would happen. Resubmit the proposal, but only after you add your ideas, creativity, and voice.

Is the theme of space exclusive to pandemic-related impacts/events or can I present on my center's pre-existing (or future-existing) physical, virtual, or theoretical spaces?

  • We would like you to join the conversation in whatever way or perspective you can contribute. We're fascinated by the idea of how writing centers use space in all its forms.

I would like to submit a presentation, but I am not available to attend the conference events on Friday, April 23rd. Is that okay?

  • We would love to showcase your work. We hope the comment-based, asynchronous discussion during the week will be robust and thought-provoking. Of course, your voice will be missed in our conversations on the 23rd. We encourage you to participate in whatever way works for you. 




Will there be any guidance on making videos for this thing? Workshop? Tech page?

  • We hope to provide some support for you. We will facilitate a workshop where folks can bring their material and questions so we can learn from one another in true writing center fashion. We'll record the workshop, or parts of it, and make it available on this website for reference. We'll also have a form to request additional support by early March. We encourage you to seek support from your home institution's tech support, as well.

What are some general guidelines for the media I create?

  • We encourage you to think about the context of this virtual conference as you develop your presentation and media. Videos should be under 20 minutes. Media should include accessibility considerations such as transcripts for anything that includes audio.


What if I don't have 20 minutes of content for my presentation?

  • We gladly accept videos up-to 20 minutes. If you can define, support, and discuss your ideas in a shorter presentation we'll take it - even 4 minutes. Remember, we're interested in ideas in all their forms of media -  including concept art, which is a presentation of zero minutes!


What happens to my presentation media after the conference?

  • Media will remain live on this site for one year, unless you request it be removed. We would love for this conference to remain available for our PNWCA community and beyond, but we recognize that some presenters would prefer their media be removed after the conference concludes.

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